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Thank You for considering Rocky Top Aerial Photography. When I started this venture, it was to fill a hobby and I did not realize what I would reveal. The beauty and landscape seen from above is memorizing. This revolution opened me up to specializing in photographs capturing the beautiful landscapes here in Tennessee. 

Then the business side emerged. I would receive calls from Realestate agents and others in the community requesting photos of their properties. I really begin to enjoy taking photos for other people and capturing their places in a different perspective. Photographs from the air and brought a whole new viewpoint to the property they called home or were selling to a potential buyer. 

Continuing my passion, I was certified through the FAA and received my remote pilot certificate to fly UAS. All professional pilots must have this to conduct business. I attended the DJI Academy Photography Course to enhance my ability to capture the best photos and videos for my clients. 

As we continue to grow, ground photos became a huge request. Therefore I expanded into portrait, wedding and real-estate Photography.

What separates Rocky Top Aerial Photography from other companies. Our passion for our clients. We take the time to make sure all photos are captured in the best possible way and ensure our clients are 100% satisfied. We take the time to process all photos and video, ensuring your receive the best possible final product. If you are not satisfied, we will make it right!

I do everything to make sure our clients are satisfied with their photos or videos. I take pride in our work and make sure our clients are happy! Give me a call today!



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